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    His Angelfish was started in 2008 after 4 breeding pairs of 25% wild silver angels paired off from a group of twelve that were purchased from a small breeder in Kentucky. At His Angelfish, I am committed to raising healthy angels at a fraction of the price local pet shops charge. All my breeding pairs are parent raising and the fry are left with the parents for 1-2 weeks(sometimes as long as 6 weeks) before they are moved to their own tank for grow out. Newly hatched fry are fed freshly hatched baby brine shrimp, until they are large enough to eat crushed tetra flakes. Along with quality foods, fry tanks receive frequent water changes, which helps them grow faster and healthier than the angels you will find in your local pet shops. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please email me (Matt) directly at hisangelfish@gmail.com  

For Sale

Bristle Nose Plecos for sale at 1-2inches. albinos @ $7 each and regulars at $4 each. Shipping at buyers expense. email zip code for shipping quote. 


New 24" dual 130w Coralife Power Compact Fixture with 6500k bulbs $75 (2 available)


 Alder Cones $5 for 100

Great for making water more like Amazon bio-type and for helping keep fungus from attacking fish eggs. I use them to breed killifish. 


 Check Valve $1 each

Add a check valve to all air and co2 lines to help prevent siphoning in the event of power outages. 



Questions or orders should be emailed to hisangelfish@gmail.com


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